The leading cutting-edge solutions and services on the market

Alcloud offers you the leading information solutions in their market segments.

The quality of this service is ensured by the use of leading technologies designed for the implementation of high standards of the biggest business environments.

Alcad d.o.o ensures quality operation of these Alcloud solutions and services and through creative partnership creates synergy of the highest competences in all segments of cloud services; the result being cutting-edge technological and processing performance of the most perfected business information services and solutions in Alcloud.

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Service and solution providers

Genis d. o. o.

Genis d. o. o. is a pioneer of e-Business in companies. More than 20 % of the biggest Slovene companies already use its information solutions. With its best practices and technological and processing perfection of the e-Računi® information solution the company sets high standards of e- Business in the purchasing process.

ZZI d. o. o.

ZZI d. o. o. is the leading provider of services for e-Business with long term experience in cloud computing. The company provides the accredited services of safe e-document storage and the ZZInet service for e-Business between companies (B2B) and between companies and public institutions (B2G). 


Technology partners


IBM is among the leaders in the development and production of the most advanced information technologies, including computer systems, software, networks, data storage and microelectronics. Through professional solutions and user support they transform this advanced technology into value for their customers.


Alcloud sales staff are always ready to assist with any problems. Just as we are also ready to quickly provide answers to even the most challenging everyday business issues.

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