Data mining

Data is used to create business value and change the information to improve the quality of all business activities.

Through data mining in Alcloud you get the most advanced tools for processing of your historical data using statistical methods and data mining algorithms.

Discovering the value of the data

With accumulated data it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain quality information to raise business performance and increase profitability without affecting quality. With the support of Alcad experts, you start quickly and exploit information to create new added value. Through Alcloud services for data mining solutions are obtained to the most pressing issues in the exploitation of data:

  • insufficient financial value of historical data - you are provided  with the tools to turn this information into current business activities;
  • research and development of products and services and in improving business processes are using insufficient data and this data are not consistent;
  • ensure confidentiality and security of data against misuse, damage or destruction, in accordance with legislation.
A wide scope of use

Through Alcloud data mining you increase the use of data in current operations. Through integration with your business applications information is included from historical data in the implementation of daily tasks:

  • segmentation of customers and measuring the effectiveness of marketing;
  • optimizing the pricing and deployment of products in stores;
  • controlling the quality of products and optimizing production processes and supplies;
  • discover fraud and manage the risks of it;
  • manage capital and your return on assets ...
Independent of technology, knowledge and budget constraints

Alcloud services for data mining do not interfere with your original data but just upgrade it. Without needing special programming skills, they allow you to create relevant predictive models as a technological solution based on the use of artificial intelligence and advanced visualization capabilities. The use of data mining in Alcloud is also significantly cheaper than if the client were to assemble the entire data mining environment themselves. Alcad ensures that as a trusted partner that your data is just as well-protected and secure, as if it were mined from local systems.  


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