Mobile business reporting

New business models are changing the way, time and location of business activities. Businesses also require continuous access to critical data for decision making.

Business is becoming less limited to regulated offices and meeting rooms. To succeed in business in the global economy, and with increased competition in local markets, requires a greater presence with potential and with current clients - both at home and abroad.

The true business value of mobile business reports

Alcloud services for mobile business decisions supply you at all times with updated business information. They are so handy that you will be using them as soon as they have been installed:

  • instantly access reports and perform analysis with your favorite mobile device, no matter where you are;
  • you always have the latest available report - all changes have been carried out in the background;
  • full compliance data in a central system, and mobile reports;
  • easy to add new reports and periodic reports on demand (ad hoc);
  • adapted form of information, depending on the device capabilities and user requirements;
  • transparent subscription - accounting of the number of reports and users.

You can rely on mobile business reports when creating business strategies, define operational targets for the achievement of current plans, looking for potential optimization business, when you adjust supply and do business with new customers, or when negotiating with suppliers for more favorable purchase terms.

Adapted to suit your mobile style

You can use Mobile reports with whatever type of devices you own. (Tablet PCs and Smartphones: iPad, iPhone, Android ...). Organization and presentation of reports is automatically adapted to the characteristics of the device, so it is easy to use and intuitive - without lengthy dialing and unnecessary scrolling. Active reports are available to you even when you do not have Internet connection.

Data security

You will have no problems with data security, because Alcloud protects you just as carefully as they do with your business network. Regardless of whether you use active reports that are stored on your mobile device, or whether you access dynamic reports via the Internet, security is always maintained at the highest level. Safe use and protection against misuse of business information system is provided with user names and passwords, encrypting data in the device and the encrypted exchange of information between the device and the central system.



Alcloud sales staff are always ready to assist with any problems. Just as we are also ready to quickly provide answers to even the most challenging everyday business issues.

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