Server management

Efficient operation of your IT system is no longer a matter of good will, but it is stated in the contract - what you management and users want most.

Alcloud services for remote management of servers combine a well-rounded set of ancillary services carried out by a highly qualified team of Alcad engineers.

Services are provided by all the processes and tools for quality implementation of remote monitoring, maintenance and monitoring of servers that are located at the client's workplace.

Monthly preventive maintenance of the server

  • inspections are carried out via remote location (authorized access as allowed by the customer);
  • updating of antivirus software (license is provided by the subscriber or by the provider upon request of the subscriber);
  • update Microsoft Windows license (license is provided by the subscriber or by the provider upon request of the subscriber);
  • preventive cleanup of disks;
  • defragment of your disk drives;
  • cleaning startup programs;
  • review of logs.

Price: € 45.00 per month

Control over the server operation

  • daily monitoring of the operation of the server;
  • monthly report on the operation of the server, that is available to the subscriber control system of Alcad;
  • warning and alarm messages by mobile phone.

Price: € 45.00 per month.

Gaining control over the operation of a server client

The service is performed by the control system of Alcad d.o.o.:

  • Setting up the client. Setting up the client at the client's location by the contracting authority. Setting up the client on-site contractor and setting the parameters of the monitoring, which will oversee the set up BB system operator.
  • Settings for warning and alarm. It is necessary to activate the notification through a mobile phone. The client must provide a mobile phone number that will accept alarms.

Price: € 157.50 (complete).



Services of remote administration of servers is carried out in accordance with the following terms and conditions. The level of service (QoS) can be in terms of real business requirements and be adapted by the client as specified in the contractual agreement between the customer and Alcad.

Response time. Repair time is the time between the admission of application failure (T0), and the elimination of defects (T repair).

Duration of repairs. In the event that the customer service or the user does not allow the contractor to immediately accede to the servicing of equipment located at the customer premises, this period is not taken into account when calculating the total duration of the repairs. Time T0 starts from the moment when the client has authorized access to the service. After the removal of defects, an authorized representative of the contractor sends a completed and signed report on the elimination of defects for the client's approval. In the event that the client does not reject this report, no later than the end of the business day following the date on which the report was delivered to the elimination of defects, it is considered that the report has been approved by the client.

The detection of defects. The contractor is required to provide continuous and timely operation, maintenance, fault detection and repair to your entire transmission network.

Locating defects. The party, which detects failure or a reduced quality of service, must do everything in its power to locate the damage and determine the cause and repair it. A contracted party who fails to locate the fault or determine that any failure on its part of the transmission system shall inform the other contracted party, within 60 minutes of receipt of the notification of failure. The parties will then agree on the way forward. In the exchange of information, the parties shall provide each other with as detailed information about the service, the type and location of damage and the measures to be taken, including the schedule and the distribution of responsibilities.

Repair of defects. Within a two hour period to restore service (eliminate defects), each party shall contact each other by phone and e-mail to confirm the time of occurrence of failure and time to remedy the defect, as well as the cause of failure. The time of occurrence of failure and time to remedy the defect must be confirmed by the contractor and the client, and is used as input data in the monthly evaluation of the availability of services and accounting services. The first point of contact for communication between the parties relating to the above services and processes are those that are specified in the contract between the parties.

Communication and reception errors

Communication and recording of errors takes place via the support service provider. The client can register an error via e-mail or by phone. The client is supported through monitoring their actions and ordering the realization of these. The client is obliged to support the commissioned activities and to confirm when each activity is completed. A contact person both for the client and the contractor shall be determined in the contract and initial offer.

For login errors, customer service will be supplied to the contractor by telephone on 02 805 56 52, which is obliged to follow a message sent to the e-mail hotline service to receive error: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Telephone support outside of working hours is 041 358 664.

In the event that, in the course of the provision of maintenance services , the contact person for the contractor or client is changed, both parties are obliged to inform the other party of the change.


Alcloud sales staff are always ready to assist with any problems. Just as we are also ready to quickly provide answers to even the most challenging everyday business issues.

Telephone: + 386 (0)2 805 56 55
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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