Business reports and analysis

The business environment requires rapid response to opportunities and changes. For business decisions a feeling is not enough. They must be supported with timely information.

Many companies are not able to take advantage of modern solutions for decision support due to lack of financial resources and lack of knowledge of the existance of the right technology. Alcloud provides you with the easiest and most affordable way to obtain information to support your business decisions.

The quickest route to credible business reports

Alcloud business reporting services equip you with key resources and competences required for credible decision-making information. By using Alcloud services for business reporting you obtain:

  • responsive experts - you will always provide timely reports and analysis necessary to successfully manage and receive daily and strategic business decisions;
  • the ability to work independently with the reports and the freedom to use the data as the use of business reports in Alcloud is so easy to adopt;
  • total control over the use of data all in the one place to manage user rights and access to information, and follow the use of business reports, making analysis and the review of data;
  • dynamic easily transmitted business reports - both according to organizational rules and through various different communication channels (web, e-mail).
Simple and secure use

Alcloud business reporting services do not require further intervention in your information system. They are able to connect with various data sources such as databases, enterprise information system, niche applications and web services, data warehouses, data cubes, and even data from Excel tables. Reporting in Alcloud uses trusted security mechanisms that eliminate the risk of misuse, damage or destruction of master data.

Complete solutions and professional support

Where you do not have time to prepare for complex reviews or analysis, Alcad will jump to your assistance with their experienced experts in business intelligence. If your data sources do not meet the fundamental technical and substantive requirements of the system for reporting, they also provide for the implementation of the data warehouse, including data modelling, preparation of solutions for data pumping and purification systems for data management and data quality.


Alcloud sales staff are always ready to assist with any problems. Just as we are also ready to quickly provide answers to even the most challenging everyday business issues.

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