Accredited safe long-term storage is the accredited service for long-term storage of electronic documents for the safe, reliable and legally compliant electronic storage of all types of documents, such as business and other documentation all in one place.

The service provides a variety of storage of business documents: documents from the purchasing and sales processes, personnel documentation, contracts, certificates, product, technical and organizational documentation ... In the system either documents originally created in electronic format, or in documents that are created on paper and were then converted (scanned) in electronic form can be stored.

Who is it intended for?

It is intended for all companies and organizations that are focused on the future and want to optimize their business processes by replacing traditional e-commerce and in doing so saving costs, time and space.

What does it enable me to do?

The service supports the most important activities in the process of filing documents in electronic form:

  • Capture documents
  • Conversion between different formats
  • Short-term and long-term storage (in accordance with ZVDAGA and ETZ 2.0),
  • Search of previously saved documents
  • Destruction of documents after the expiry of their retention period.

Being stored in the system allows protection at both the level of hardware and. The system has built-in technology which  prevents unauthorized access to stored material.

Integration with other information systems is made suitable for integration with various business applications and ERP systems by using a special integration services hub - ZZInet. In this way, you can quickly connect with all the business information systems used by Slovenian and international companies.

Infrastructure for e-business can be linked to a variety of procedural document management systems, with which you can organise workflows. Alcloud makes e-Invoices ® - the leading processing solutions for e-business (link in e-Invoices in Alcloudu) so that you, in conjunction with, can achieve a leap in the quality and efficiency of your operations.



Alcloud sales staff are always ready to assist with any problems. Just as we are also ready to quickly provide answers to even the most challenging everyday business issues.

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