VPS hosting

The operation of your business information system must be reliable and of course at the optimal price.

VPS hosting services are intended for your most important business programs. With them you obtain an affordable, and above all safe, secure, and powerful infrastructure that provides you with high accessibility and speed of operation –whether it be the entire information system or just selected business applications. With VPS hosting services, you will improve user satisfaction and increase user efficiency and productivity for the entire company.










Working memory




Open source operating system

Proprietary operating system




Storage and data security

50 GB

100 GB

200 GB

Data backup

Data recovery

Secure data interchange

Data transfer rate




Single sign on

VPN-virtual private network

Alcloud VPS hosting/month

99,00 €

165,00 €

743,00 €


Alcloud Services wish to get as close as possible to the wishes and needs of the client. Each package can be supplemented with additional services. Check them out!


VPS hosting option

Price excluding VAT

Additional disk space 10 GB

17,85 €/month

Additional disk space 50 GB

75,86 €/month

2 GB additional RAM

40,00 €/month

Operating system on demand


Migration of on-premise server into virtualized Alcloud environment


Server maintenance and upgrades

45,00 €/month

One time establishment of parameters for data transfer from user location into Alcloud envirnoment

90,00 €

One time data restoration from backup copy

30,00 €


The regular maintenance and upgrade of a server is recommended for all business environments. It involves a variety of preventive and ongoing maintenance procedures, which ensures optimal performance and reduces the risk of downtime of server services. The benefit is reflected in higher user satisfaction and the reduction of interruption of business due to problems in the functioning of the information system.

The service includes:

  • inspections carried out via remote location (authorized access as allowed by the customer);
  • updating of antivirus software (license is provided by the subscriber or by the provider upon request of the subscriber);
  • update licensed programs (license is provided by the subscriber or by the provider upon request of the subscriber);
  • preventive disk cleanup;
  • defragment of your disk drives;
  • cleaning startup programs;
  • review of logs.


Alcloud sales staff are always ready to assist with any problems. Just as we are also ready to quickly provide answers to even the most challenging everyday business issues.

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