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The cheapest price and the highest quality. Web hosting that will never let you down.

Web hosting services in Alcloud give you the most simple way to operate in the internet age. They are the ideal choice to host your business website, e-mail and other online applications that you use in business every day. They are characterized by high reliability, speed, performance, and security. With the use of additional services they can be customized to specific user needs and business requirements.






Number of domains




Disk space on server

500 MB

2 GB

10 GB

Hosting traffic

1 GB

20 GB

100 GB

Number of email accounts





1 GB

2 GB

5 GB

Push mail/users




Antivirus protection

Spam protection

Alcloud web hosting/month

10,97 eur/month

21,94 eur/month

65,82 eur/month


Alcloud Services wish to get as close as possible to the wishes and needs of the client. Each package can be supplemented with additional services. Check them out!


Web hosting options

Price without VAT/month

Additional hosted domain

1,90 €

Additional email account

0,20 €

Additional disk space 1 GB

2,10 €

Additional disk space 5 GB

8,90 €

Additional disk space 10 GB

17,85 €

Additional push mail user

1,90 €

Web hosting establishment*

157,50 €

Email and mobile terminal sinhronization

hourly charging


* The establishment of a web hosting service includes the following :

  • the establishment of a domain;
  • the establishment of a mailing address;
  • synchronization of e-mail;
  • the establishment of a push email system.

A push email service (push mail) contains a web interface that provides the user with global access to messages on the server. Users can to access their messages via a browser even from remote locations.

Alcloud Push mail functionality:

  • full support of the ActiveSync standard;
  • synchronization of e-mail;
  • synchronization of contacts;
  • synchronization of calendars;
  • supported mobile environments: iOS (Apple iPhone), Android and Windows Mobile.

Synchronization of email and mobile phones, individual users and potential users of education services are charged according to the actual hours used by the verification of the customer.

The price for push email functionality is € 1.90 per month per user.


Alcloud sales staff are always ready to assist with any problems. Just as we are also ready to quickly provide answers to even the most challenging everyday business issues.

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