National competition for best innovation

Chamber of Commerce of Štajerska project "Legally-compliant e-business Alcloud cloud computing” is recognized as one of the top four innovations in Štajerska in 2012.


The most innovative e-business services in cloud computing will compete for national recognition of Slovenian Chamber of Commerce of the best innovators in the 11th Day of innovation, which is projected to take place in September, at the Congress Centre at Brdo. Legally compliant e-business Services in Alcloud cloud computing is the result of close cooperation between the companies Alcad, Genis and ZZI and innovation in both a Slovenian and European context. This is the first service in a computer cloud that is capable of creating a comprehensive e-business within organizations and between business partners in one place. In addition to national e-business regulation (ZDDV-1G, ZVDAGA and ZEPEP) they also meet the requirements of the European Union (Council Directive 100/45/EU).

"Classification of the national award for the best innovation of 2012 is not only recognition of Alcad and our consortium partners Genis and ZZI, but it is recognition for the entire of information technology sector," said Branko Hmelak, director of Alcad. "In fact, it confirms what we have already noted for a number of years, namely that IT solutions and services allow increasing competitiveness and investment in this area and increase added value and flexibility to market and economic changes."

The value of legally compliant e-business in Alcloud not only demonstrates the implementation of a paperless business, but particularly in reducing costs, improving the management and execution of business processes that occur within an organization and between business partners, such as purchasing and sales. At the same time, it supports business innovation, exploiting a new level of integration and in the automation of business processes. This allows the introduction of new services to end customers and business partners as well as developing new business models.

Alcloud Services, in addition to the elimination of paper documents through a comprehensive audit and traceable electronic working methods, also offer the electronic exchange of documents between business partners. This system for e-business is supported by certified safe-keeping services which can be integrated with virtually all business information systems used in Slovenia, with a variety of online services and the services of other cloud providers. For strategic and operational management of the system business intelligence services are also included, providing tailored business reports and analysis.

Legally compliant e-business Services in cloud computing can easily be ordered from all three consortium partners.

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