Award for Innovation: E-business in the Alcloud

The Chamber of Commerce of Štajerska has awarded a consortium of Alcad, Genis and ZZI silver award for the "Regulatory compliance e-business Alcloud cloud computing” project at prize-giving ceremony for best innovators in 2012 in Štajerska.

At this year's tender for regional innovation we have received 33 innovations created by the 70 innovators. E-commerce services, which are available in Alcloud cloud computing are something new in the Slovenian and European market, enabling the implementation of e-business in accordance with the Slovenian national legislation and Council Directive 2010/45/EU. Legally-compliant e-Business in Alcloud cloud computing is the result of the close cooperation between Alcad, Genis and ZZI. These link their leading IT solutions for business decision-making and system integration, business process management and documentation and safe storage, and the electronic exchange of creating innovative business services with high added value.

"We are very proud that the panel of experts recognize the innovation's potential of legally compliant e-commerce in Alcloud, which is the only example of such a level of paperless operations on a global scale," said Branko Hmelak, director of Alcad.

As is typical for high-quality IT solutions, their introduction into business creates multiple benefits, including the potential for the introduction of new business models.

"Legally compliant e-business in Alcloud is not only innovative in terms of the range of functionality but also in terms of support improvements in business processes, which generate the most additional value," said Stane Štefančič, CEO of Genis.

Legally compliant e-business Services in Alcloud allow internal paperless operations as well as paperless transactions between business partners.

Igor Zorko, CEO of ZZI, explained that businesses and organizations could, with the help of e-business services perform automating processes across the supply chain at home and abroad, arrange for the distribution of e-invoices and be fully optimized to work with partners in order to improve their competitiveness and quality of service to end customers.

Legally compliant e-business cloud computing Services can be easily ordered from all three companies, which may be connected with various business information systems, web services and other cloud solutions.

Additional information on legally compliant e-business services in Alcloud

Alcad d.o.o with its range cloud computing services, which it markets under the brand name Alcloud, offer innovative services for e-business in enterprises and public institutions. E-business in Alcloud combines best business practices, comprehensive legal support (ZVDAGA, ZEPEP, ZDDV-1G) and services for the capture, processing, storage and exchange of electronic documents.

The main advantage of these services is that paperless operation creates an integrated electronic working environment and automated processes. Thus, in addition to ordinary users having the ability to work with electronic documents functionality is also available for the interoperable implementation of work procedures and data and information for quality decision-making with their execution.

The comprehensive services consist of three main, closely related modules: a Process document management system, accredited safe-keeping, as well as a system for the electronic exchange of information with back-end systems and systems of business partners. The company Alcad are also planning e-business services associated with business intelligence services in order to provide users with advanced functionality for decision-making when dealing with suppliers, management of the purchasing process and with cost management. Legally compliant e-business services in Alcloud are suitable for organizations of all sizes and activities who want to reduce costs, increase productivity and added value, improve employee satisfaction and business partners, and manage business performance and risk.

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