Traceable auditing of business in the cloud

Alcad and Genis have presented traceable auditing services for e-commerce in Alcloud cloud computing at the 16th Annual Congress of Accountants, organized by the Slovenian Institute of Auditors. Given the great interest in the representation of solutions, audit traceability is one of the most difficult challenges in the management of companies and public institutions.


Alcloud cloud computing offers the first comprehensive set of services and solutions for the legal compliance of e-business, from management to operational procedures and documents and the accredited secure storage of electronic data exchange and business reporting. Audit traceable e-commerce in Alcloud is based on the e-Invoices® information solutions. In its basic form it meets the demands of the new legal requirements of ZDDV-1G, which emphasize the audit traceability of procedures of the creating and processing of electronic documents. With the availability of the e-Invoices ® information solutions in Alcloud, a company has the most simple and fast way to implement statutory requirements and to meet the high expectations of business users with efficient, safe and quality IT services needed to create added value.

ZDDV-1G, which has been in force since 1 1 2013, following the directives of the Council of Europe (Council Directive 45/100/EU), whose goal is the simplification of the legal framework contributing to a greater extension of e-commerce between businesses. The new legislation is the primary option to ensure the authenticity and integrity of the e-Invoices ® establishes procedures for control operations which create a reliable audit trail between an invoice and a supply of goods or services. It is this requirement as a good business practice that is already embedded in the ® e-Invoices IT solution and proven successful Slovenian companies such as Lek, SAVA and MKZ.

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