Alcloud at ZAUH 2013

Services for e-commerce with Alcloud cloud computing bring together everything an organization needs for legally-compliant paperless operation in business


A consortium of the companies Alcad, Genis and ZZI in conjunction with Marmis, distributors of IBM software solutions, presented their innovative services for legally compliant e-commerce in the Alcloud computer cloud at the ZAUH 2013meeting, which was aimed at solutions and services for capturing, archiving, management and storage of data. This is the most comprehensive set of information services in Slovenian as well as on a European scale, enabling businesses and public institutions to establish both in-house paperless business processes and those with business partners.

The participants of ZAUH were welcomed by the concept of integrated e-commerce in Alcloud that combines everything you need for effective e-commerce: a high-performance and continuously available IT infrastructure, the leading document management system process e-Računi® (e-Invoices ®) accredited service safekeeping of an ® email account set up with the service and services for e-document exchange and integration with ZZInet back-end systems.

The main findings of the Forum, which followed the presentation was that companies and public institutions would be able to use a set of related e-commerce services in Alcloud quickly, relatively easily, and in particular to significantly lower the cost of introducing a comprehensive paperless operations, compliant with all legal requirements of Slovenia and the EU (VAT-1G and Council Directive 45/100/EU, ZVDAGA and ZEPEP). This service simplifies the construction of e-commerce, enables ease of use and supports innovation in business processes and in an organization. With the introduction of these standard and automated processes, which are the result of best business practices, and to further reduce operating costs for an organization, improve management, raise productivity and added value, and establish effective collaboration among employees and with partners in the value chain.

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