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SLOVENSKA BISTRICA, 4th 2013 - Alcad, one of the leading providers of outsourced IT services, has successfully passed its assessment of the quality of its operations according to business excellence standard ISO 9001:2008 and thus set new business goals and its direction of  business improvements. The company has, in the past year, carried out renovations in its business process management, which will continue this year in its reorganization following a strategic direction for the provision of quality outsourcing IT services. In 2013, Alcad, in accordance with this business plan, hopes to bring its share of services in total sales to a total of 73 percent, with the main source of growth in its new Alcloud brand cloud services. At the same time, they also plan to increase the added value in the sale of hardware and software through an increase in sales volume of service and engineering services in the field of system integration in large and medium-sized business environments.

"Alcad,  despite the recession in recent years, has achieved positive operating result, with continued customer satisfaction,  which is certainly a reflection of the continuous integration of new initiatives and fresh ideas into the existing quality management system," said Branko Hmelak, Director of Alcad. In terms of business improvements The company continued in 2012 with its renovation of core HR processes and the provision of services relating to career guidance and personal development of employees and management competencies. This year will be a continuing process of the transfer of powers and responsibilities in order to create as smoothly as possible, a result oriented organization.

"Future business improvement follows a downward trend in economic activity in Slovenia, and we want to maintain the level of income primarily to increase our own share of services in our total sales revenue," explained Hmelak.

This year the company will strengthen its marketing and sales activities in the field of cloud computing services, which have been developed on the basis of strategic investments in new data center, and are being marketed under the brand name Alcloud.

"The decision on which direction to move their own infrastructure and to then focus on mobile commerce and cloud is a challenge that we can only accept on the basis of an established quality management system. This is a continuation of the integration of innovative solutions and improvements in our own business processes and in more easily manageable business risks, " added Branko Hmelak, director of Alcad.

Alcad as the sole provider of cloud computing provides a holistic approach to outsourcing IT services , because in addition to infrastructure services in Alcloud, it also offers a service-platform for the implementation of enterprise applications and business applications of both its own production and strategic partners. When offering such cloud application services for companies Alcloud now provides a wide range of applications for mobile and electronic commerce and business decision-making, and this year cloud services is expected to expand with new partner applications and an increased range of other business solutions, which have already been developed.

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